Jack Goldenberg

Jack Goldenberg photo

Jack Goldenberg is a prolific Copywriter, innovative Creative Director, strategic marketer and inventive storyteller and blogger who has played a significant role launching … five billion dollar products, including the Happy Meal and Cabbage Patch Kids dolls.

He thinks BIG and delivers well-thought out, highly strategic marketing programs that have national and international impact. While he often uses humor to make a point, the results he’s achieved are serious and impressive.

“As proud as I am of my professional achievements, I’m even prouder of my pro bono work. For three years, I ran a humanitarian campaign that fed 75,000 people a hot Thanksgiving dinner. After hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc on the south, I spearheaded an effort that found jobs and new homes for 300 individuals and families.”

Jack is a never-say-die optimist. With all he’s accomplished, Jack still believes his best efforts are ahead of him. He’s probably right.

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