Lesley J. Vander Welle

Photo on 2015-04-27 at 2.46 PMLesley works with individuals and businesses to develop effective online marketing strategies that raise media presence, brand awareness and increase brand advocacy.

She has mentored and managed marketing strategies and communications for over 300 personal, corporate and nonprofit organizations.

Her online and traditional brand building campaigns have promoted corporate organizations in fields as varied as health and wellness, education, retail, children’s products, international construction, and psychiatry and psychology.

She supports her clients’ brands by curating and developing relevant social media content that engages individuals transforming them into unofficial brand ambassadors. This builds online engagement and vibrant communities and has a direct effect on bottom line results.

She’s helped define and build the professional careers of a scientist, master photographer, producer, mystery writer and author, a leading Canadian entertainer, entrepreneurs and other business professionals.

She is equally adept at rebranding individuals and organizations that have yet to realize their full potential, helping then develop and promote their personal brand.